Fall 2023 Catalogue Available! Email alice@abw-designs.com for a copy!
Fall 2023 Catalogue Available! Email alice@abw-designs.com for a copy!
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What Our Love Knots Mean

We all adore love, I mean who doesn’t love a good romantic movie, going to dinner with your significant other, or just spending time with family? If you take a look at my shop you will see what we call a “love knot” in a few pieces of my jewelry. Now you might think you know what a love knot is and stands for but do you really know the history and why it’s such an important symbol of love? 

One of the biggest aspects of the love knot is the understanding that love is “binding”. Do you know the saying “tying the knot”? Well yep, it all correlates when talking about love coming together and two people committing to one another. Now we don’t know exactly where this saying came from but one theory originates from the Roman empire where the bride wore girdles that were tied in knots and the groom had to untie the knots for the marriage to continue. Another theory is that in many ancient cultures as a part of the wedding ceremony they would tie the couple's hands together to symbolize their now inseparable bond to each other. And of course, each culture has some kind of story or folktale that goes along with “tying the knot” but they all correlate around the same idea… that love is unbreakable and forever.

Just like there isn’t one type of love, there isn’t just one type of love knot. Here are just a few of the types that further show the uniqueness and individuality of love: 

  1. Layered Circle Design: Very simple and classic design with many circles interlocked together. 

  1. Rounded, Three-Dimensional Design: A rounded ball of interlocking circles woven together.

  1. Elongated Loop Style: A long loop that slips within itself to create an almost infinity look to it.

  1. Bow Style: An elegant and dainty style that features a looped bow. 

This is why I put so much time and effort into the love knot pieces I offer in my store. Because I know just how important love and affection are to us as unique individuals. 

Take a look at my favorite love knot earrings we offer:

Love Knot Stud- We offer these earrings in both silver and gold and I still can’t get enough of these. There are classy, elegant, and are the perfect addition to any simple everyday outfit.


Love Knot Hoop- This dainty piece also comes in silver and gold because I know that everyone has a preference and I want everyone to be able to enjoy my pieces. These are some of my favorite earrings we offer because you can dress these up with a nice dress for date night or you can pair them with a simple sweater for a more relaxed vibe. 

We all need love, whether that’s from a significant other, family, or even a furry friend. We were made to share our own love with others and be there for each other in a multitude of ways. And the love knot is just a simple symbol of such a complex and layered idea. So grab your love knot jewelry and wear the history of love in a new way. 

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