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Fall 2023 Catalogue Available! Email alice@abw-designs.com for a copy!
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Quatre-What? Deciphering Quatrefoil Jewelry

As you stumble across my page you will see this odd-looking term and might have a few questions about it. Well, that mysterious title is “quatrefoil” and here I am to explain exactly what it means. The word “quatrefoil” means “four leaves”, from the Latin quattuor, “four”, plus folium, “leaf”, the term refers specifically to a four-leaf clover but also generally applies to four-lobed shapes. 

Where did this elegant shape come from? 

The quatrefoil shape got its peak popularity from the Gothic and Renaissance time periods where it could mainly be found in architecture. This design is often recognized as being of Islamic origin but historians found the use of the design almost 200 years before the birth of Islam. Soon the symbol became widely associated with religion and was used in many religious buildings all around the world. In ancient Mesoamerica, the quatrefoil could be seen as a symbol associated with water rituals and agricultural fertility. So although there are many different meanings and symbolism for this design they all revolve around prosperity, which we all need a little more of in our lives right?

Why has it become so popular recently?  

This shape has gained popularity in recent years due to its elegance and feminine nature which has many women all over the world constantly searching for this type and style of jewelry. Quatrefoil jewelry can be found anywhere you look, from your boss to some of the most famous women in the world. Even major jewelry collector Elizabeth Taylor has been seen wearing quatrefoil jewelry and everyone knows when the famous and elegant women join a trend, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. 

Why is it a staple and a must-have for your collection?

Now you may be asking yourself, why do I need this specific style of jewelry? Well, there are many reasons this type of jewelry is a necessary piece in your collection. One of the main reasons is its universality to match and add something special to such a wide variety of styles and types of outfits. Why do you think this style is so popular right now? Obviously, it’s because you can wear these pieces wherever and whenever and still look classy and well put together. So if you don’t already have quatrefoil in your jewelry collection what are you waiting for? Get yours now and find that missing piece to your outfit. 

What to pair with our quatrefoil jewelry:

  • Quatrefoil Slide Necklace: This necklace of ours can be very universal and paired with many styles and outfits so you can add some flair to what you’re already wearing. In the summer I love to pair this necklace with a plain bright colored shirt and jeans to allow the necklace to shine and stand out. 

  • Quatrefoil With Cubic Zirconia: These are some of my favorite earrings we offer for a few reasons… the stunning blue gem, the amazing gold detailing, and the unique shape. These earrings are the perfect addition when your outfit may be lacking a little color and spice and you want to add a little pop. Pair these with a simple black or white top and I promise you will have the most compliments on this simple little detail. 

  • Enamel Cubic Zirconia Quatrefoil Cuff: This elegant gold bracelet is the perfect accessory to add to an already dressy outfit. Pair it with your wedding guest dress to add just the right amount of shine without being too over the top. 

  • Now you have a few options of what to wear with our beautiful quatrefoil jewelry. And now you also know where this elegant shape came from. You can better understand and appreciate the pieces you wear and admire every day. So take a look at our quatrefoil pieces and become a part of the symbol of prosperity all while adding elegance to your every day (and special) outfits.

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